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Ethereal Pad (EXS Logic Pro X)

This instrument was made from beautiful violin samples that have been recorded and transformed through distortion and filtering to create an unworldly instrument, which lends itself wonderfully to providing ambient elements to a piece and really shines when used as a solo instrument.


E•the•re•al - extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world. I simply could not name this instrument anything else. It’s beautiful and delicate timbres are entrancing to the listener and when combined with picture its emotive nature is intensified.


The patch itself includes three velocity layers that trigger more harmonic content when you play in the harder zones. The patch only includes 3 samples so this instrument won’t take up a lot of your precious drive space (see exact size below). Please don’t be fooled at the small number of samples, this instrument is extremely playable and a great tool to have for any music maker.

Ethereal Pad (EXS Logic Pro X)

  • Description

    This instrument contains a beautiful synthetic pad sound that is available in both EXS and NI Kontakt formats.

  • Features

    • 3 Velocity Layers

    • Looping Samples

    • Instrument Size: 12MB

    • 48kHz 24bit

  • Returns & Refund Policy

    Unfortunately due to the digital nature of these products there is no option to return or refund your purchase. Please be informed on all product information and be sure to watch and listen to all product media before purchasing to ensure complete satisfaction. Key information includes that if you are looking to purchase these samples to re-purpose them in your preferred sampling software you will need to choose the EXS version of the library as the Kontakt samples are converted to .NCW files. For those purchasing the Kontakt versions please be aware that all libraries are only compatible with the full version of NI Kontakt Version 6.2.0 or later. Disclaimer: if you are deciding between versions, please be aware that all Kontakt instruments come with a beautifully designed GUI and often more functions housed within this.

Demo Video