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Distant Brass (EXS Logic Pro X)

This instrument was made by sampling a Bb cornet then processing and manipulating the samples to create a distant brass timbre.


The idea for this instrument came from sorting through some stuff at my dads childhood home after my grandmother went into care. My grandfather played trombone, trumpet and soprano cornet in many local big bands and brass bands throughout his life and when he passed away many of his instruments remained in the house. Whilst recording for one of my commercial guitar libraries in my grandmas house during lockdown I found one of his old cornets and decided to sample one note of it. I’m not a cornet player myself so this is all I could really get out of it. I experimented with barely blowing the cornet and managed to produce a ‘flutter’ like timbre that sounded very harmonically different to the normal way of playing.



I recorded this with a matched stereo pair of Rode M5 microphones running in to the Xenyx preamps of my Behringer 1002B mixer. I processed it through multiple reverbs, filters and pitch plugins to create the muted distant timbre with three velocity layers. The Kontakt UI comes with filter cutoff and resonance controls along with ADSR envelope controls and a reverb send control. Although this instrument is only made with one sample its still extremely characterful and usable as demonstrated in the short piece I composed with it. It’s available in EXS and Kontakt formats and requires Kontakt 6.2 or later.

Distant Brass (EXS Logic Pro X)

  • Description

    This instrument contains sustained cornet samples processed and manipulated to create a beautiful brass pad, available in both EXS and NI Kontakt formats. Enter promo code "DBFREE1" at checkout to get this instrument for free.

  • Features

    • Compatible with the EXS24 or the new Logic Sampler

    • 3 Velocity Layers

    • Looping Samples

    • Instrument Size: 22.2MB

    • Stereo 48kHz 24bit Recordings

  • Returns and Refund Policy

    Unfortunately due to the digital nature of these products there is no option to return or refund your purchase. Please be informed on all product information and be sure to watch and listen to all product media before purchasing to ensure complete satisfaction. Key information includes that if you are looking to purchase these samples to re-purpose them in your preferred sampling software you will need to choose the EXS version of the library as the Kontakt samples are converted to .NCW files. For those purchasing the Kontakt versions please be aware that all libraries are only compatible with the full version of NI Kontakt Version 6.2.0 or later. Disclaimer: if you are deciding between versions, please be aware that all Kontakt instruments come with a beautifully designed GUI and often more functions housed within this.