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 I am a freelance music composer and sound designer currently based in Bristol, UK.  I graduated from Bath Spa University with a first class BA Honours degree in Creative Music Technology and have gone on to work within various forms of visual media such as film, advertising and podcasting. I have experience working on multiple feature length and short films, delivering bespoke music and sound design solutions for global advertising campaigns and popular podcast series.

My compositional work explores multiple genres, merging my love for electronic music and sound design. I utilise organic and synthetic orchestral sounds to create impactful, reactive and emotive pieces. My main goal as a composer is to work closely with directors and brands in order to create unique solutions that enhance the narrative of the media my work serves. I implement a high level of sound design throughout my work with the development of sample instruments, utilising unconventional and experimental audio processing techniques to create truly original timbres.

Alongside my compositional work, I have experience in audio post production including areas such audio recording, dialogue recording, editing and mixing, audio restoration and foley work. I’m always open to hear about new opportunities so if you have a project that requires music, sound design or production of any kind, please get in touch via my contact page.


Tom Parry Music
Bristol, UK.


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